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Mobile Number Capturing & Advertising - Valor_PayTech

Mobile Number Capturing & Advertising

At time of the transaction, the merchant has the ability to capture the customer’s mobile number to then create text marketing campaigns based on the customer’s spending habits/patterns.

Engage My Customer

Merchants can view the total spending habits, lifetime spending habits, and hour of day spending habits (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the Valor portal and create specific marketing material tailored to the customer.

Identify & Market To:

  • VIP Customers (Large Spenders)
  • How Many Visits (They Came Only 1 Time)
  • Shopping Patterns (Group Your Customers by Hour of Day They Typically Come and Market to Them
Engage My Customer - Valor_PayTech
Marketing(PORTAL + CRM) - Valor_PayTech


Capture customer mobile number at transaction, build customer database, communicate via text.