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Remote Batch Out

No more forced batches. If a terminal malfunctions, batches can be closed from the Valor portal. Merchants can batch out remotely from anywhere in the world Additional Features
  • Can link multiple MID’s by 1 owner with multiple DBA’s using a unique email address
  • Can label terminals (bar, restaurant, outdoor seating)
  • Void and capture transactions from portal
  • Refund transactions from portal
  • Merchant has the ability to edit parameters for tip, tax, receipt, split check, batch time…etc. without having to call customer support
Remote Batch Out - Valor_PayTech
Cloud Based Receipt Storage - Valor_PayTech

Cloud-Based Receipt Storage

Download and print all copies of all sales receipts with the customer’s signature to successfully fight and win chargebacks. Valor stores these sales receipts up to 2 years since transaction dates.