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Pay At The Table
Made Simple

Handheld POS

GPRS / 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Large Scale Touch Screen Display

Signature Capture and Pay At The Table

Cash Discounting / Surcharge On Tip

Merchants have the ability to add a Cash Discount/Non-Cash Charge fee or Surcharge percent to tip at a Pay At The Table environment. In a normal Cash Discount/Surcharge Pay At The Table environment, the merchant always pays the 4% Non-Cash Charge on all tipping. Valor PayTech eliminates that charge to the merchant.

Cash Discounting (or) Surcharge On Tip - Valor_PayTech
Smart Tipping - Valor_PayTech

Smart Tipping

On-screen tip suggestions allow you to offer your customers 4 different tipping options, set and customized by you, through the Valor Merchant Portal. Smart tipping is also available on paper receipts.

Bill Splitting

With Valor PayTech your customers can split a bill up to 5 ways. Ideal for restaurant environments & any environment where bill splitting is essential. The VL110 allows the server to enter the total amount of customers splitting the bill and give the customers the terminal to process their individual transactions. With the VL100, the server enters the total amount of customers splitting the bill and runs the individual card transactions on their own. The terminals automatically split the transaction total evenly amongst the total amount of customers.

Bill Splitting - Valor_PayTech
Paperless Signature Receipt Option - Valor_PayTech

Paperless Signature / Receipt Option

After completing a transaction, your customers have the option to receive their receipt as an SMS text receipt, email receipt, or a paper receipt. This creates a large reduction in paper costs for you as a merchant. A digital copy of all sales receipts with your customer’s signature are stored in your Valor Merchant portal. This is an amazing feature for fighting chargebacks.

Contactless Payment

Merchants, employees, and customers are kept safe by accepting contactless payments. Contactless payments allow merchants and their employees to process payments without having to physically touch the customer’s card. Our VL100 and VL110 terminals are equipped with a contactless payment option that can accept eWallet payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay.

Valor accept eWallet Payments - Valor_PayTech
Contactless Payment - Valor_PayTech
Full Transaction Information Display - Valor_PayTech

Full Transaction Information Display

Terminals currently available on the market do not have enough space on their display screens to show the entire transaction information such as the total sale, tip, Non-Cash Charge, and tax lines. Some companies, like PAX, are using the tax line to display the Non-Cash Charge leaving the customer clueless on what the tax fees are on their transactions. Valor has the ability to show all the transactional information for customers to see as well as add additional customized information.

Auto-Connection Failback Procedure

Our terminals will automatically transition between dial-up/ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G, or dial-up connections as a failback procedure if the owner’s standard connection fails. The VL100 connection will transition between dial-up/ethernet and Wi-Fi when searching for a signal.
The VL110 GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) terminal connection will transition from 4G / GPRS to Wi-Fi automatically.

Auto-Connection Failback Procedure - Valor_PayTech